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Large or small, the employees at APB care about your project. Our goal is to put into place all the elements needed for a successful project. We provide guidance and tips along the way before you receive your purchase to ensure your expecations are met.

We purchase premium materials and don't cut corners. Our designs don't change based upon whether engineered prints are required. Same material and same construction methods are specified.

Your package is designed specifically for your jobsite location. It is not a prebundled package that may need to be supplemented due to site location.

We offer our services under the following operating guidelines.
                  Plans and Truss Drawings  3-5 business days
                  Engineered Prints   varies
                  Material Delivery   Approx 6 weeks
                  Installed Buildings   Job by Job Quote

Engineering Deposit
We accept engineering deposits to design and stamp truss drawings and structural plans used to obtain your permit. Once you have permit in hand we schedule a delivery date on a just-in-time basis so the material is on the job site right before construction starts. Our suppliers offer 2-3 weeks (depending on the supplier) to break down the packages and stage the jobsite with material.

The material will arrive at your jobsite on one truck typically. The truck will include unloading equipment. Large span purchases will have trusses delivered separately.

We provide free help throughout your build process Monday - Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm and on Saturday from 8:00am till 12:00 noon.

We want to earn your business!

Our goal is to do our job so well we get referrals from our customers. Anything short of that is a failure in our eyes.

If you have questions please call our office (210-650-2276) to speak with the receptionist. She can have an estimator call you (if not immediately available) if your question is technical in nature. We don't do high pressure sales.

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