Trim Details

Purpose of Drawing

This drawing helps you identify trim shapes used at each location when constructing the structure. We provide a trim shape pdf with your plans showing every possible trim that can be used on a post frame building. Please refer to the trim shapes pdf to help identify the different shapes used for each application.

Note the top left drawing. This indicates that we want the siding to start 4" above the bottom of the skirt board to ensure your siding length will work for your building. The rat guard or bottom trim is placed below the 4" measurement.

Foam closure strips are used to seal your building at the ridge cap (outside closures) and where the siding meets the roofing (inside closures). This prevents invasion of your building through the 'rib' in the siding and roofing which leaves a large air gap once everything is fastened together.

If your project doesn't include wainscot or eave lite panels then those drawings are not applicable to your project but will be included because this is a static drawing.

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