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T Series Pole Barn Kits

T Series Pole Barn Kit

T Series pole barn kits

These configurations can be relocated to the center of the building (or elsewhere), width or length changed, and eave height adjusted as necessary to meet your requirements.

Complete Structure (less concrete) Kits Include:

♦ UC4B Foundation Posts (some buildings-Engineered GluLam Posts)
♦ 2x8 treated grade boards
♦ #2 or better 2x girts and purlins
♦ Code Compliant truss carriers
♦ wind, corner & knee bracing
♦ Pre Engineered trusses
♦ 40 year Wall & Roof Metal
♦ 29 gauge Wall & Roof Metal
♦ Detailed Building Plans

Metal Panel Colors Quality Components in Every Kit

If you are financing your barn we have a handy loan amortization calculator that will tell you your monthly payment and provide an immediate download Excel spreadsheet to keep track of your payments and tell you how much interest you pay each year for your tax return. It's free and easy to use.

The major classifications of a barn include sheep, dairy, horse, cattle, and general purpose or storage barns for machinery and equipment. Some general guidelines to consider are:

• Square barns are economical and provide good utilitarian use
• Long narrow barns may save a few construction dollars but include a loss of convenience
• Design your structure to provide two rows of stock as a minimum, with the length requirement based upon that width

Often, a T barn is used for a two story hay and feed structure, and a one story stable.

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