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Steel Siding & Roofing

Typical pole barn construction involves steel roofing and/or siding.  If yours does we have some suggestions for you.  The most common gauge steel panels used are 29 gauge.  26 gauge is thicker (upgrade) being typically used on commercial structures and places with unusual requirements.

APB Steel Panel Profile

Here are some features and requirements we follow when choosing steel panels.
  • 40 year manufacturer warranty
  • Company in business 25 years or longer
  • Written warranty card
  • Full trim package available covering all otherwise exposed wood
No doubt about it.  10 or 20 year metal from local roll formers costs less.  So does foreign metal, much of which has been proven to have quality issues (29 gauge isn't really 29 gauge). We know where to buy it, just choose not to. 

Our goal is to purchase from manufacturers that:
  • Stand behind a written warranty
  • Will most likely be in business 40 years from purchase
  • ASTM A792 Grade E 80,000 minimum tensile strength or better
  • Use manufacturing processes providing consistent product
  • Wrapped to prevent damage in shipment

There is a difference in the metal panels out there.  Cheap metal will rust, peel, and chip easily.  Trying to closely match the cheap stuff (if its still available when you need it) to repair damage is virtually impossible. Perhaps more importantly ....

Diaphragm Action
One of the chief advantages achieved with steel panel roofing and siding is creating an effective diaphragm. A diaphragm design allows light weight structures to resist lateral loads (wind) much better than other types of structures.

Properly installed steel panels, of the proper tensile strength, makes for a bullet proof, strong structure. This requires using the right number of screws (on center), the right size screws, and proper tensile strength metal.

Tests conducted at Cornell University discovered that properly affixed steel sheathing reduced deflection of their test building from 6.1 inches to 0.44 inches under a given load!

We believe that foundation wood, roofing and siding, and the doors you choose for your building are the most important components in your building. All three take the most abuse during the building life cycle.

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