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Roof Styles

Since many pole barns use conventional rafter framing, any roof style can conceivably be used.

The four major types of roofs used for barns are gable, hip, shed, and gambrel. Each roof type has advantages and disadvantages.

gambrel roof

Gambrel roofs provide more head room and provide storage space on the top floor. While they are more difficult to frame than simpler types, they add a lot of useful space and provide a really nice exterior appearance.

shed roof
The shed type roof is a single plane straight pitched roof typically used for smaller barns and limited function open air buildings.

This is the simplest type of roof to frame since it only requires the front wall to be higher than the rear to provide pitch. Snow loading is a major consideration for this type of roof for northern climates.

hip roof
A hip roof is unusual for pole barns but can be constructed. The cost of a hip is higher due to its configuration.

gable roof
With two equally pitched sides this roof is a snap to frame. A steeply pitched gable roof is excellent for sheding snow.

Ventilation and insulating are simple to do with a gable roof.


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