Roof Framing 2

Purpose of Drawing

This drawing is a plan view (Birdseye view from top) of the sidewall 2 side of the roof truss.

Roof purlins are fastened to each truss on the top chord to brace the trusses on top and provide a fastening surface for the roof steel to be applied next. This drawing illustrates the 2x4 purlins laying flat on top of the truss and the 2x6 fascia on edge nailed to the ends of the truss. 2x6 endwall fascia is nailed to purlins that extend out beyond the endwall.

This drawing also includes truss to post and truss to stub post details found on the bearing wall section. All drawings include the quantity and type of fastener to be used to apply the material.

On center measurements for the 2x4 purlins are included on the right side of the plan view.

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