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Foundations for Pole Barn Kits

Technically a pole barn is called a post frame building. One of the biggest advantages this type of construction has over stick built construction is a reduction in foundation costs, specifically site work necessary to build a slab on grade and reduction in materials pouring an above grade floating slab.

Everyone wants to save money whether by purchasing a quality pole barn kit to DIY their building or simply by finding the best price for turnkey barns. With a pole barn project you don't have to pour a slab. Building on grade is possible and will save plenty of money compared to pouring a slab.

We take care of sizing, spacing, and embedment depth of posts for pole buildings for any specific use. Whether a 4x6, 6x6, or glulam post is used they should be treated with CCA type III to a retention level of .60 pcf KDAT (kiln dry after treatment) or compatible level of treatment to achieve a UC4B rating. Many 6x6 posts at big box stores are treated for ground contact and will rot if used as a foundation post. The requirement for structural wood is UC4B by the AWPA and in severe decay areas UC4C ratings are recommended.

Wood Species
Southern Yellow Pine is an easy lumber species to treat due to the fact that it contains more sapwood and less heartwood compared to doug fir or hem fir. Plainly stated, heartwood is more difficult to treat than sapwood due to penetration issues.

Douglas fir and hemlock are the lumber of choice in the Pacific Northwest region of the country and parts of the Midwest.

The lumber species in the pacific northwest are harder than soft southern yellow pine. This causes treatment plants to "treat until refusal" rather than treatment to the UC4B standard as specified by AWPA.

Laminated columns readily absorb treatment better than solid sawn posts like 4x6 or 6x6 posts. There is more surface area for treatment absorption as each ply is treated individually. They are stronger, straighter and just better.

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