About Our Pole Barns

Pole Barn
At one time a pole barn was strictly an agricultural structure. Now they have matured into a highly engineered wood-framed diaphram structure used in commercial buildings.

Some example uses are:

♦ Strip centers
♦ Churches
♦ Aircraft Hangers
♦ Warehouses
♦ Garages
♦ Convenience Stores
♦ Fire Stations
♦ Hotels
♦ Restaurants
♦ Homes

We provide design services and building packages for many types of pole barns. Our custom plans start at $99 and include materials lists, cut lists, and numerous pages of drawings for DIY pole barn construction.

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Kits for All Purpose Buildings

Gable • Raised Center Aisle / Monitor • Gambrel • Salt Shed • Mono-Slope
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