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UC4 WHAT? UC4B That's What!

Ask your local supplier if his foundation wood is AWPA approved foundation wood. You are bound to get a response like UC4 What?  Or sorry we only speak English (and maybe Spanish) around here. 

Maybe something like OH, IT'S TREATED UNTIL REFUSAL.
That's short for the wood is so hard it won't take the level of treatment required.

or may not be, suitable for skirt board, but is not appropriate for foundations.

Wrong Level of Treatment Tag

Fence posts rot due to fungi and boring insects.  They aren't required to support huge loads for extended periods of time like foundation posts or laminated columns do. So it makes sense not to buy posts treated like a fence post right?

Most lumber companies stock 6x6 and larger posts that are treated UC4A
(or poorer) and often treated with inferior types of chemicals and methods.

Demand the right product, the price goes up, and it's a special order.

What About Hardware? Some treatment chemicals are more corrosive than others when placed in contact with hardware.

Matching hardware and treatment type is an important part of purchasing foundation wood and the hardware used with it.

  Proper Sizing of Members
Many factors influence the size and spacing of foundation posts, or if posts should even be used (manufactured laminated columns are stronger, straighter, better!).  Site specific issues like 3 second wind gust and snow loads and building specific factors like wall height, truss span, floor joists or attic trusses for second floor use, and open walls are all critically important to properly engineer a building with the right size post.

Ours Are Longer
We provide foundation posts and laminated columns that are 1' to 2' longer than required to make embedment and truss placement a snap.  Get everything square, lined up, place the trusses the right height, then cut off the top of the post in line with the top chord of the truss.

We get calls from people that purchased exact length posts (elsewhere!), set them, and then realize that their anticipated wall height isn't what they end up with...exact length posts are harder to work with, and can prove inconvenient!

Ours Are Even Longer
Our gable posts are full height.  Many suppliers provide gable posts the same length as the eave side posts. Full height gable posts extend to the top chord of the truss providing two benefits.

• First, temporary bracing is minimized when placing trusses since the post provides support instead of elaborate temporary bracing.

• Second, the full height post provides substantial strength and stability for the life of your structure.  Many budget packages do not include full height gable posts.

Buy from us and make sure your building has an engineered foundation with the right treatment level to last a lifetime.

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