Pole Barn Plans

Construction Drawings

(Offered With building packages only)

We include detailed construction drawings with our pole barn kits and installed pole buildings. They include simple instructions, vector graphic cad drawings, and a workflow document to aid in assembly of your project.

Along with the drawings, we include staging lists by wall section to aid in organizing materials around the building pad to simplify and speed up construction. These lists include all posts, lumber, steel, and trims required to erect the building and install doors and windows.

Our building plans include a fastener schedule calling out the quantity and type of fastener to be chosen for each connection from beginning to end of construction. Each sectional drawing repeats the fastener requirement so it isn't necessary to refer to page 1 as assembly is completed.

For more detailed information about our construction drawings:

Building Elevations

Post Plan

Bearing Wall Section

Wall Section 1

Wall Section 2

Roof Framing 1

Roof Framing 2

Truss Bracing

Roof Overhang Detail

Trim Detail

Entry Door & Window Framing

Visit this page for more information about pole barn design options we offer.

Pole Barn Plans with Loft

We offer building packages and installed buildings with attic trusses, lofts, and clear span second floors up to 30' in width. These designs are costly compared to single story buildings due to the second-floor materials. Pole barn designs with embedded posts that include a second-floor require much wider and thicker concrete footers to ensure the structure doesn't settle and to protect your building from high winds.

If post supported lofts are specified, we can bracket interior posts to the concrete slab to reduce footer requirements for the embedded posts. In high snow load areas, two story buildings can be bracketed to a monolithic slab instead of using the typical embedded post with floating slab method. Our barn plans include all necessary connection details for each method chosen to design your post frame pole barn.

Engineer Stamped Structural Plans

If required for permitting or insurance purposes we offer engineer stamped plans in each state signed by a licensed engineer for that state. Each page includes the engineers stamp, signature, and license number for that state.

Engineered plans are only available with kits or installed buildings.

Wet Stamped Drawings

A wet stamp is simply the original plan signed by the engineer, typically in blue ink, with a raised seal that you can feel with your fingers. These original plans are mailed to you (instead of receiving electronic copies via email) and carry an additional fee to cover handling charges and administrative overhead.

Residential & Commercial

Plans for general storage, garages, and farm buildings are less expensive to purchase. Residential or commercial plans are more expensive due to the requirements found in residential codes (which vary state by state).

In most states pole barn plans with living quarters included (even a farm building) will be coded residential and fall under those rules, incurring slightly higher engineering fees.

Along with our pole barn plans you will receive top notch customer service and help from start to finish to ensure your project is successful. At APB you get MORE!

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