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Pole Barn Hardware

Obtaining the right hardware and fastening up your building is as important as anything else you do during the construction process.

Some common hangars used are Simpson H2.5a rafter ties (trusses too) and LU26 hangars for purlins (purlin hangars = labor intensive).

Pole barn nails (ring shank galvanized nails) for framing and fastening are readily available anywhere in the country and typical sizes are listed below including some drawings displaying connection details for each.

Pole barn framing nails are typically in the 16D to 20D sizes, truss connection 40D and 60D for 2x6 purlins on edge (used for post spacing trusses).

Fastening Steel Panels

steel panel fastening

Lean To Roof Connection To Sidewall

Lean To Roof To Wall Connection

Nailing Truss to Laminated Columns & Posts

(See method using carriage bolts for truss connection details)
pole barn hardware truss
notch pole barn post for truss

Lateral Bracing

hardware for lateral bracing pole barn

Wall Framing Hardware

pole barn framing hardware

Nail Conversion Chart

Penny Diameter Length Head Size
2D .072 1" 316"
3D .083 1 ¼" 1364"
4D .109 1 ½" 14"
5D .109 1 ¾" 14"
6D .120 2" 1764"
8D .134 2 ½" 932"
10D .148 3" 516"
12D .148 3 ¼" 516"
16D .165 3 ½" 1132"
20D .203 4" 1332"
30D .220 4 ½" 716"
40D .238 5" 1532"
60D .238 6" 1732"
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