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pole barn garage
Constructed in Lapeer Michigan, this pole barn garage features a 12x11 un-insulated overhead door, (4) 3x3 slider windows with black shutters, and (2) 3x2 sliders with shutters. One 3068 entry door, vented soffit and ridge are accompanied by a 24 steel cupola with rooster weathervane.

Roofing is 29 gauge shiny black 9" rib with stone siding and shiny black wainscot and trims. Our steel panels come in 24 colors providing options allowing matching roof and wainscot, with complimenting wall color offset by trim to suit you preferences.

All packages include detailed building plans, a how-to guide and free technical support during the construction process.

3 car pole barn garage
This building is located in King George VA. A beautiful red and white 34' x 32' x 12' with (3) 9x8 insulated carriage house style garage doors with a single row of glass.

Includes 12" of gable and eave enclosed soffit overhang and eave lite panels on both sidewalls to provide natural lighting in the building.

Two 3068 flush entry doors on each sidewall provide easy access to the building and double bubble condensation barrier on the roof and walls included for interior comfort.

pole barn garage with wainscot & cupola
This 20' x 40' x 10' pole barn garage kit is in Choctaw Oklahoma and features a 24" cupola, 16'x 8' insulated garage door, (4) 3x3 windows and (1) 3068 flush entry door.

Steel roofing is 29 ga charcoal, with 29 ga charcoal wainscot and stone siding.

The post frame building includes Permacolumn drill set brackets connecting to a monolithic slab.

pole barn garage kits
A 24'x 32' Lancaster PA garage with (2) 9x8 un-insulated overhead doors, (4) 3x3 sliding windows and (1) 3068 9 lite entry door.

It features copper siding and burnished slate wainscot, roofing and trims. Interior white ceiling liner finished out this pole barn garage.

pole barn garage in colorado
A beautiful 30' x 52' x 12' garage kit with dark red siding, charcoal roofing and trim. A 36" cupola with weathervane and 5/12 pitch roof system is complemented by (2) 12x11 overhead doors, (6) 4x3 sliding windows and (2) 3068 9 lite entry doors.

Built in Longmont Colorado.

red & tan pole barns 24″ overhang
Built in Pagosa Spings Colorado this red and tan garage kit features 3' red wainscot, 7/16" osb roof sheathing, interior painted metal liner on the walls and ceiling, and a high R value insulation package.

12" of gable overhang and 24" of perforated sidewall overhang complete the look of this pretty garage standing on 3 ply 2x6 laminated posts embedded 4' in the ground.

This pole barn garage features a 16x10 almond insulated overhead door with glass and opener. Plenty of light inside with (12) 32x44 double hung windows spread around the building. It also includes (1) 9 lite entry door and (1) 3068 raised panel door.

Trusses are 2' on center due to the 90psf snow load.

pole barn garage with hip roof porch
This classic Blue Springs MO garage kit is 36' x 48' x 10' with an 8' x 18' hip porch. Two 10x8 un-insulated overhead doors and (1) 3068 residential door are included.

It has 29 ga steel with charcoal roofing and wainscot with black trims. It has 12" overhand with vented ridge cap and a white interior ceiling liner included.

pole barn garage with attic
This garage features an 8/12 pitch roof system to make room for attic storage. It is a 24' x 48' x 12' building with 12" enclosed soffit overhang.

The 26 ga metal is burnished slate and clay and includes (2) 9x10 un-insulated overhead doors, (7) windows and (1) 3068 entry door.

Attic has a 60# floor load and 8' ceilings. Built in Freeport PA.

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In many areas we can erect your garage quickly and efficiently at a reasonable price which includes top quality workmanship and premium materials. Our crews are professional and build each structure as if it were their own. You get personalized service with APB and a quality building that lasts, all for less cash.

Simply complete a design online, or email back a quotation you receive in your inbox for an installed quotation within 24 hours.

Custom Designs

Looking for attic trusses? Or maybe a gambrel roof? Any custom requirement you have we can provide the materials for D-I-Y construction or turnkey pole barn construction services.

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