24' x 48' x 10' Pole Barn Garage Kit

Frame View


Building Size:                24' 0.00"  x  48' 0.00" (post-to-post)
Wall Height:                  10'  (Grade to Truss)
Floor Thickness:              0.0"
Post Size:                    3-2x6 Laminated
Post Spacing:                 4' 0"
Corner Post Size:             3-2x6 Laminated
Gable Post Space:              8' 0"
Extended Gable Posts:         Yes
Post Extension on eave walls: 8"
Foundation Type:              Footings only
Footing Depth:                4'
Grade Board Height:           0"
Grade Board size:             2x8
Grade Boards Per Wall:        2
Girt Type:                    2x4 + Wainscot girt
Girt Spacing:                 24" Even Spacing
Girders:                      (2) 2x10
Service Door Post Size:       2x6  8.0' long
Service Door Footer Depth:    0.0'

Roof Pitch:                   4.00/12
Gable Overhang:               0"
Eave Overhang Projection:     0"
Eave Overhang Type:           Use In-Line extension of truss top chord
Purlin Type:                  2x6 Vertical Butted
Purlin Spacing:               24"
Truss Spacing:                Post spacing
Truss Mounting Position:      In slot in center of post
Truss Heel Height:            8.00"
Truss Length Spans:           Post to Post
Sub-Fascia:                   2.00x12.00 (Auto-Generated)
Fascia:                       Other
Lateral Bracing Spacing:      48"
Lateral Bracing Type:         2x4 Lapped

Roof Surfacing Material:      GENPRIME+26GAL     26 Prime + Gallery
Roof Calculation Adjustment:  0.00"
Ridge Opening Width:          0"
Wall Surfacing Material:      GENPRIMER26HI     26 Prime Hawaiian
Wainscoting Material:         GENPRIME26GAV     26 Prime Galvalume
Wall Calculation Adjustment:  0.00"
Wall Metal Start Location:    0 inches above Grade
Metal Length Rounding:        Upwards to Cut Length increment.
Metal On End Walls:           1-Piece Construction
Metal Skin for Sliding Door:  Yes

Soil Bearing Strength:        5000 lb/sq.ft
Ground Snow Load:             0
Snow Exposure Factor:         0.8
Snow Importance Factor:       0.8
Maximum Wind Speed (MPH):     70
Wind Importance Factor:       0.9
Location Exposure:            Exposed
Header Lumber Grading Method: Mechanical

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