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At APB Pole Barns the customer comes first. We sell the finest amish pole barn kits on the market today.

We turnkey install buildings including installation of doors, windows, and all accessories to your satisfaction. Our combination of value, customization, options, engineering skills and professional implementations set us apart.

We offer two story homes, farm buildings with lofts, open hay barns, pavilions, garages, equipment storage buildings and many other pole barn construction projects.

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We have been specified by Amtrak, the national park service and other agencies for commercial structures and believe that each customer, and their project, is as important as any other regardless of size or complexity. If you need a custom pole barn builder we can help.

Need an attic? No problem. We design attic space to meet the loading requirements based its use including residential, commercial, or wet hay. We can also provide buildings with floor trusses to double the space downstairs which offers open floor plans not requiring load bearing walls to support the second floor.

Don't want a concrete slab? We can build your project on grade and you can pour a slab later when your budget permits. This a great way to afford a larger building today, and finish it later.

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Wood flooring systems are available too. Some buildings need a crawl space or due to the site location a concrete slab isn't feasible. We can engineer, source, and install your building to meet your most stringent requirements.

We make things simple. Go with us, the pole barn builders that care about your project. Our concept of a win is a happy customer eager to give us a referral. Let us help you achieve your goal today. Whether you need more space, storage for an RV, a riding arena or horse barn, or a workshop we can make it happen quickly, and with no surprises.

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Contact us today for a free no obligation estimate. We don't believe in pressure sales and simply answer your questions and make suggestions based upon our experience and knowledge of the industry.

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Thinking about building one yourself?
Visit our How To Build A Pole Barn resources.

General Information To Consider

Post Frame Buildings
Pole building construction requirements vary greatly depending on the intended use of the building and many other factors. Here are important things to consider when planning any pole building construction project.

Site selection will impact the material requirements of your project. Building permits and zoning requirements can impact site selection. So, make sure you know where you want the building and local rules.

For information regarding step by step construction details visit our section on how to build a pole barn.

How level the ground is and the soil type impacts the material requirements and design of your building. Soil quality and slope impacts pole embedment depth for construction of pole buildings.

Sand and gravel mix type soils work much better than clay soil. On the up side, sloping land can be used for your barn that would otherwise be useless to preserve your prime real estate. Be sure to select the right materials for your buildings pole barn foundation.

Where do you want the barn doors? Sun, wind, and shading from surrounding trees can all impact your decision making process. Proper orientation can provide natural sunlight and conserve on resources.

Pole framing is cheaper and provides superior structural strength since the poles support and tie together the entire pole building. Wind and any other lateral force is transmitted through the pole and is absorbed into the ground. That said, a big long pole is more difficult to erect and requires equipment or at least more muscle power.

Pole placement for pole barns are generally plumbed on the outside to create the vertical wall. The poles are visible inside the barn.

A gable type roof is the most common and cheapest to build roof style. It is also the simplest to construct.

Gambrel roofs provide more head room inside for lofts, are harder to frame, but also add a distinctive touch to finish off the pole barn.

Raised center aisle barns, also known as monitor barns, make great horse barns and can be built with functional lofts allowing hay to be easily dropped into stalls.

Monitor barns can also be constructed without a loft for tall drive through structures in the middle and storage areas on the side.

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