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Plans FAQ

The length of post required for your site depends on pole embedment depth, truss heel height, and how your builder builds your building. It is common to use 4' post embedment in northern climates and 3' embedment in the south in low wind zones. The length of the posts shown in your plans must be adjusted based upon these factors. Add 2' if you want to cut the posts to height after imbedment.

The most common failure point in heavy snow load conditions are the truss carriers. Setting the trusses on the posts is not only cheaper but stronger. Most large agricultural buildings are constructed this way. If you select an engineer to stamp your building plans for you, most places, they will set the trusses on the posts unless you tell them not to.

Some geographic regions will demand trusses @ 2' - 5' on center depending on local custom, materials used, or circumstances. These designs should be constructed based upon loads using Wood Eye or other calculation method to determine the required size and quantity of rows for truss carriers (girders).

We provide designs at 2'oc for any shingle roof or attic truss design. For metal roof structures up to 60' long we default to 4'oc (up to 45' wide). For buildings longer than 60' post spacing is used to save you money because the cost difference becomes substantial. For buildings wider than 45' we use post spacing as well. Our forms allow you to override our default and specify the truss spacing you desire.

Custom plans are engineered using the recommended specifications provided by your county building department. The hole diameter and thickness of your footing should be changed based upon the bearing capacity of your site location.

My builder wants something changed
If you purchase custom plans from us we send exact specifications to you so the builder can notify us of changes prior to plan engineering. Our immediate download plans come as is.

I need stamped engineered plans
We provide this service at additional cost. This cost is determined by your area and is quoted as requested.

What about changing the dimensions of the building
Our plans make changes to your building simple. This makes it easy to add bays (pole spacing) to change your building size.

Can I Order Printed Plans
Our plans come in pdf format. All plans are consolidated into one pdf. You can print any plan you like on your printer or email individual files to a local print shop for oversize printing.

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