Roof Overhang Framing

Purpose of Drawing

Overhang can be 12", 18" or 24" on both the endwall or sidewall of our buildings. The same drawing is used for framing. The only thing that changes on the sidewall when the overhang is larger is the soffit length and the length of the tails on the trusses.

Note that endwall overhang in excess of 12" require blocking to support purlins laying flat as per the drawing detail.

These drawings also show the overhang trim, eave trim, and angle trims used to enclose the lumber used to frame out the overhang. We use a two-piece type system marked 3a on the drawing.

The drawing on the top left is used to close off the corners where the endwall overhang meets the sidewall overhang. 2x4 lumber is used to enclose this area and scrap trims can be cut from soffit, angle trim, or j trim to enclose these areas.

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