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Michigan Pole Building Kit


A Michigan pole barn monitor design with loft storage and 40 year warranty steel siding and roofing with 3' wainscot.

40' x 56' Monitor Barn Kit with 20' Raised Center Aisle
29 ga White Siding with Charcoal Wainscot & Trim
29 ga Charcoal Roofing & Trim
18" Gable Overhang
12" Eave Overhang
10x10 Overhead Door on bottom
8x8 Overhead Door on Top
4' x 3' Slider Windows
3068 Steel Entry Door

These designs are great for RV storage, general storage like this building, and of course horse barns with loft to easily drop hay in your stalls. This page contains examples of pole barn kits sale offers.

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