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Metal Siding Length Calculator

overhang types on pole barns

Metal Siding Panel Length Estimator
To use this panel length calculator for your pole barn enter whole numbers and decimals only (no fractions).

You can refer to the image to identify the type of overhang you plan to build, if any.

Truss heel heights vary based upon span, loads etc. Purlins can be laid flat (1.5") or be on edge (3.5) so include the purlin height too. If you are boxing your overhang enter the fascia board height (5.5 for 2x6).

The Metal Panel Coverage area refers to the width of the panels you plan to buy (typically 36" coverage).

Tool Rounds Up To Nearest Inch

How To Cut Metal Siding

After you figure siding measurements you will still need to cut to length the gable rake, entry door, and window openings. Large openings will come pre cut to length but you will still be trimming around them most of the time.

Don't use a circular saw or other device that creates heat and flings hot metal all over the siding around where you are cutting. This will void your warranty because the paint systems are not designed to withstand hot metal burning through the paint system.

air nibbler to cut metal siding and roofing
The right tool is a nibbler which is simply an air driven or electric tin snip available most anywhere. It is easy to cut the metal quickly and precisely using a nibbler.

Metal Trim

In order to finish the work to calculate metal siding materials requirements you will need to include trims in your order. This page provides the profiles and locations for metal siding trims for barns.
Metal Siding Calculator
  Feet Inches
Wall Height
Building Width
Building Length
Overhang Type  
Eave Overhang Inches
Gable Overhang Inches
Truss Heel Height Inches
Purlin Height Inches
Fascia Height Inches
Roof Pitch /12
Panels Stop Inches Above Grade
Metal Panel Coverage (Width) Inches

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