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How To Measure For Metal Roofing

How to figure metal roofing

To use this panel length calculator enter whole numbers and decimals only. We plan to enable the use of fractions at a later time.

Enter the diameter of the roof ridge vent gap (1"-3")

Finally, enter the coverage area (width) of the panels you plan to buy. For instance a 38" panel will have an effective coverage width of 36".

The metal roof length calculator calculates the distance from peak to trim so add the length you want the roof metal to extend beyond the eave trim. We recommend about 2".

How To Cut Metal Roofing

Never use a circular saw or other device that will fling hot metal chips all around the area you cut. This will void your paint system warranty as no paint system is designed to withstand the heat produced. You will end up with rust pits down the road using tools like this.

air nibbler cut sheetmetal
Use an powered nibbler (air or electric) (or tin snips if you have to). A nibbler will do a precise job and will not produce hot metal chips all around the cut area.

To identify the trims required for metal roofing our metal trim details page will show siding and roofing trims by location.
Metal Roofing Calculator
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