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We provide building packages and offer turnkey installation any type of horse barn. Clear span gable barns, barns with interior posts, Raised Center Aisle or Monitor barns, and Gambrel too.

Our online pricing only includes clear span gable barns but we hope to offer more online design options in the future. We provide free no obligation quotations via email. To get exactly what you are looking for you can fax (740) 539-5555 or email a floor plan to us so we understand your needs.

gable drawing

A popular and inexpensive solution for horse barns that is ideal for cold weather. Gable roof barns are easier and less expensive to build and provide excellent headroom for indoor mounting.

This design allows complete control of ventilation using breezeway barn doors, vents, and cupola's making it suitable for cool or warm climates. Typical wind directions should be considered when planning the site location and positioning of the barn for ventiliation.

These style barns provide the most usable space when accompanied by shed roof dormers and full lofts. This design provides the ultimate in flexibility when customizing your barn. Feed and hay storage using gable barns is simple and easy.

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rca drawing

Horse barns with raised center aisle construction are slightly more expensive but provide a stylish split level roof design, excellent ventilation, and superior lighting.

Paddocks are often included on both sides of this barn configuration. A hay loft for storage of hay and feed is typical for this configuration.

Raised center aisle barns include either single or double breezeways allow indoor mounting and double breezeways provide more stalls for space limited situations. Easily allows horses to be groomed, fed and tacked without leaving the barn.

srow drawing

Barns planned on narrow strips of land typically call for a shedrow barn.

A shedrow barn is best suited for warmer climates and can be constructed in a straight, L shaped, or U shaped configuration.

Since the shedrow uses a gable type roof with a generous overhang your horse will have a protected area and you have plenty of space for working around the barn.

Excellent ventilation, natural lighting, same side turnout, and unrestricted views of the horses are all attributes of shedrow barns.

Specifications for Horse Barns

horse barnWidth of Center Isle
14' ideal
12' common
10' cramped

Height of Center Isle
9' ideal
8' usable
7' too short

14x12 Large
12x12 Common
10x12 Cramped

Tack Room
12x12 typical
12x24 bigger
Airtight for mold resistance
Good lighting required
Wood floor for warmth as needed

Hay Loft
12x24 4 tons of hay
14x36 6-8 tons of hay
Needs excellent venting of moisture

Stable Odor
Nobody loves the smell of ammonia in the morning..afternoon, or night. Stable odor from feces also attracts flies, which lay eggs and can promote maggot growth.

Regular cleaning and ventilation is a must. Zeolite, found in many types of cat litter, is purported to be a non toxic way to absorb smells and dampness. Any natural desiccant that is non toxic will make your stalls less hospitable for infestation by insects and other unwanted creatures.

Horse Barn Fire Prevention from Humane Society

Why Pole Barns Are Better
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40' x 64' 8 Stall Horse Barn


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