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Hip Series Pole Barn Kits

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Hip Series pole barn kits provide solid and practical designs that perform magnificently in high yield windstorms. A hipped roof minimizes flat sides that catch wind. It takes its shape from the ancient pyramids of Egypt. The slope or roof pitch is almost always the same on all sides.

Beyond the practical aspect of this design, many ranch homes and cottages are built this way, so a barn, or other farm building nearby will look very attractive with a similar design.

Kits Include Everything for a Complete Structure (less concrete):

♦ UC4B Foundation Posts (some buildings-Engineered GluLam Posts)
♦ 2x8 treated grade boards
♦ #2 or better 2x girts and purlins
♦ 2x12 truss carriers (unless truss oc is post spacing)
♦ wind, corner & knee bracing
♦ Lumber for rafters and joists
♦ 29 gauge Pro Rib Wall & Roof Metal
♦ all needed hardware
♦ any combination of windows & doors
♦ Mini Print Plans

Metal Panel Colors Quality Components in Every Kit

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