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Overhead Door Installation

Garage Door Replacement

Note: Trim details change based upon manufacturer

Install trim after wall steel but fasten panels after j trim and hem trim are in place

2x6 frame out is placed so bottom of frame out - floor height = door height
(Don't forget slab thickness if pour is last)

Outside door jamb is 2x4, inside is 2x4 or 2x6 depending on door size

garage door sidewall header details

Do not fasten steel panels until trim is in place.

If door is on sidewall use 2x12 if door height is 12" less than sidewall height

2x6 door mounting board adjusted based upon door manufacturer build

Make sure to leave enough turning radius for opening size and slab thickness

Door track radius can be between 12" and 18" depending on installation kit
garage door jamb details

Installing overhead door rails in pole barn
Bracing overhead door rails in pole barn


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