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Garage Kit
Pole Barn Design Center
APB provides custom garage kits, RV Storage kits and packages specifically tailored to your needs. We engineer each building to provide exceptional strength, value, and aesthetic appeal.

Garage kits come with DIY oriented structural building plans and cut lists to make erection a snap for anyone with carpentry experience.

Why Build A Pole Barn Garage?

For the best value for your money that's why.

The cheapest garage design method hands down is post frame construction. Here are some reasons.

Site Preparation
Less site work is required for post frame construction than platform framing with a foundation.

Foundation Savings
No expensive footer required around the slab. (Or no slab at all)

Labor Savings
The time required to construct your garage design will be a fraction compared to other methods.

Less Lumber than conventional framing
Just take a look at the image at the bottom of the page.

Easier and Cheaper to Remodel / Customize Later
The simplicity of these garage designs makes almost any change simple due to wider spans and open areas.

Exceptional Wall Insulation Properties
With wide bays (space between posts) there are few thermal breaks. Combine that with the insulation properties of posts and timbers compared to metal and you have a very easy, effective wall insulation system.

Pole barn design with loft

pole barn designs with loft
Pole barn design with loft

Longevity and Strength

UC4B rated foundation posts are not 'treated' like a fence post. The treatment level, and often treatment chemicals are stronger. We use the right materials for a permanent foundation. Treatment guarantees range from 50 years to full lifetime warranties.

The diaphragm design that is obtained using post frame construction, pre-engineered wood trusses, and cladding provide exceptional strength and resilience to the forces of mother nature.

Your garage kit comes with high quality metal siding and roofing for an inexpensive maintenance free exterior and includes a 40 year manufacturer warranty on the paint system.

Our steel siding and roofing is sourced from manufacturers with 40 year paint warranties and only from companies in business 25 years or longer.

Garage Building Package

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