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Affordable Engineered Pole Building Kits

♦ Multiple porch or lean to additions
♦ Any roof pitch
♦ Overhead, sliding, or bi-fold doors
♦ Windows & Steel doors
♦ Run In Sheds
♦ Run In Shelters
♦ Carports
♦ Pavillions
♦ Open wall structures

Complete Pole Building Kits (less concrete):

♦ UC4B Foundation Posts (in some cases Manufactured Laminated Posts)
♦ #1 SYP 2x8 UC4A grade boards
♦ #2 or better 2x4 girts and purlins
♦ #1 SYP truss carriers
♦ Wind bracing, corner bracing,
♦ Pre engineered trusses
♦ 29 gauge Pro Rib Wall Metal & Trim
♦ 29 gauge Pro Rib Roof Metal
♦ Fasteners
♦ Engineer Stamped or Non-Stamped Structural Plans

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We offer maintenance free metal siding and roofing with 40 year manufacturer paint warranty for a maintenance free exterior.

Our pole building kits include detailed building plans and come standard with inside and outside closure strips,16d & 20d galvanized ring shank nails, treated uplift cleats and concrete footings designed for your snow load, span, and post spacing. Metal pole building kits include 40 year paint warranty steel directly from manufacturers in business 25 years or longer.

Our building kits are outfitted the same whether you need P.E. stamped/sealed plans or not. We don't believe in cutting corners on any building regardless of the use of the structure. Our goal is to help you have a successful project and include technical support for DIY construction.

Metal Panel Colors Trim Details Quality Components in Every Kit

L Series Kits
T Series Kits
Hip Series Kits