Barn Kits For Sale by APB

Color Combinations & Design Ideas

Pole Barn Design Options

We offer many pole building styles, colors, and options. Our post frame construction methods are flexible. We can accommodate most any single or two-story need.

We Can Supply What You Need

We offer instant online pricing for many design types, however custom quotations are available for options not available online.

Our buildings are ideal for general storage or specialty use. We specialize in workshops, automotive garages, animal confinement buildings, and many other applications. Pole barns are versatile structures that withstand inclement weather conditions, and provide unmatched design flexibility.

If you have questions please call us at (210) 650-2276 Monday-Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM.

Installed Barn Kits

Evergreen Roof & Ivory Siding

Red Roof & Brite White Siding

Burnished Slate Roof & Ivory Siding

Clay Roof / Wainscot & Ivory Siding

White Roof & Gold Siding

Charcoal Roof & Red Siding

Charcoal Roof & Siding / Shiny Black Trim

Charcoal Roof / Wainscot & Stone Siding

White Roof & Hartford Green Siding

Brite White Roof & Crimson Red Siding

Brite White Roof & Siding / Black Wainscot

Gallery Blue Roof & Wainscot / Grey Siding

Gallery Blue & White

Tan & Red

Charcoal & Gray

Dark Red, Shiny Black & White

Blue & White

Shiny Black & Stone

Burnished Slate & Stone

Gallery Blue & Charcoal

Copper & Brown