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All About Barn Doors

Choosing The Right Large Door
The ultimate utility of the building really determines the type of barn doors you should include in your structure.

The most common mistake made is improper location and sizing of barn doors. Rail height and slab height are obvious factors but not everyone works from the bottom up to identify minimum eave wall height, and effective wall height for their barn.

Common Mistakes
♦ Sizing Door Too Small
♦ Going To Cheap (Most Used Part of Structure)
♦ Not planning for floor thickness (slab height)

Sliding doors give you the most ultimate height (for a given wall height) since they don't require 12"-18" of clearance for rails used with overhead doors. Sliding doors hold up better for agricultural purposes since farm animals are tough on any type of barn door.

Overhead doors seal better so are the right choice for insulated buildings. Garage doors can be outfitted with automatic openers so they provide the ultimate in convenience for garages, commercial buildings, and general storage.

Even if you don't choose to use an automatic opener, garage doors don't freeze up like sliding doors do in blustery winter time weather. So, for convenience they can't be beat.

Roll Up Garage Doors are more useful in commercial applications requiring less maintenance for opening and closing many times per day. More utilitarian in purpose, they are generally not as aesthetically pleasing.

Sliding Barn Doors

sliding barn door

• Get Most Height For Given Wall
• Durable, Best Suited For Farm Animals
• Can Build Huge Doors
• Unobstructed Door Opening
• Cheap For Really Large Openings

• Not Insulated, Don't Seal Well
• Can Freeze Up In Winter
• Big Doors Get Heavy

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Overhead Doors

garage door

• Many Colors & Styles Available
• Good Sealing Properties
• Various Insulation R Values
• Easy to Open (Push A Button)

• Rail kit requires 12"-18" above opening
• Larger doors can get quite expensive
• Quality varies. Easy to buy poor product.

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Roll Up Doors

roll up door
• Low maintenance for high use purposes
• Available insulated
• Includes Vinyl Seals

• High Cost for good units
• Aesthetic value is low
• Can be noisy after much use

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