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Airplane Hangars

pole barn hangar

Post Frame Construction
Post frame construction of aircraft hangars provides the most cost effective solution available to protect your airplane or a fleet of aircraft. Small, medium, or large hangars can be constructed using any cladding material you would find using expensive alternative construction methods.

Speed of Construction
Cost savings extend beyond the material requirements to build the structure. Erection of post frame buildings is fast. Labor costs are 25% less than conventional structures and include the added benefits post frame provides against high winds. Build in stages with post frame construction. Pour the slab next year. Finish out the interior the year after.

Aircraft Hangars For Sale

We provide custom designs and sizes nationwide including stamped engineered plans, non-stamped structural plans, building packages, and turnkey aircraft hangar construction.

Pole Barn Aircraft Hangars

Whether your aviation storage space requirement is small or large, post frame construction is the most versatile, lest expensive, and quickest solution for an airplane hangar.

Kits for All Purpose Buildings

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