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  • Commercial Storage Solutions

    We design custom storage buildings that are comprehensive, turnkey solutions meeting a wide range of industrial demands.

    Our goal is to maximize your investment by designing versatile floor plans and durable buildings constructed of the absolute best materials in the marketplace.

    Pole barns are flexible economical structures ideal for inexpensive permanent structures. We provide post frame solutions up to 22' in height and clear span widths of 100'.

    Structures requiring wider spans are often constructed using opposing mono-trusses secured by a row of interior posts in the center of the building.

    Construction Cost Advantages

    • Wider truss spacing than conventional construction
    • Less material required for concrete slabs
    • Fewer thermal breaks than conventional construction results in energy savings
    • Wood construction results in more energy efficient buildings than steel structures
    • Time expended from purchase to receipt of materials is significantly less than steel structures
    • Post frame buildings enjoy the fastest construction timetables of any permanent structure
  • Horse Barns & Stables

    We offer permanent structures with targeted efficient and effective equine solutions.
    • Proper sizing and layout for your horse needs
    • Low cost high quality construction materials
    • Green building materials horses love
    • Cost effective long lasting solutions
    • Site preparation & Interior drainage
    • Natural lighting & Smart layouts
    • Horse health oriented ventilation & humidity control
    • Condensation control
    • Paddocks & Turnout Pens
    • Safety conscious construction techniques

    Construction methodology for horse barns influences equine health. Respiratory problems are likely if inadequate ventilation or humid conditions exist in a structure. Even a healthy horse can fall victim to health problems without a well thought out home or shelter.

    The equestrians' worst nightmare is fire. Use of fire retardant treated wood or paints and varnishes can effectively prevent rapidly spreading fires. We believe in designing your stable with a minimum of two exits, placing electrical panels far away from doorways, and isolating ground level hay storage with two-hour fire resistant materials.

    The design of our pole buildings promotes your horses' well-being. With rapid deployment and construction timetables, great designs, and careful construction crews we can build a functional, safe environment for you and your horses.

    We provide free custom quotations. Request one today!

  • Custom Garage Kits

    Pole buildings are inexpensive garage solutions whether you need a single car garage or large garage workshop combination. With post frame, you have the option to DIY build the largest garage you can afford now, and pour the slab later. The option to finish the interior later is present too.

    You will not find a construction method more flexible than post frame. You also will not find a permanent structure that holds up against the elements like properly constructed pole barns.

    We have any option you can think of too. Need an attic or bonus room? No problem. Scissor trusses for a little more headroom are a simple way to make your garage stand out from the crowd.

    Do you own an RV? Post frame RV garages are really simple and quick to build. Once you are finished, your building will protect your investment for decades to come. Nothing survives high winds like a pole barn.

    Turnkey Garage Construction

    We build garages right! Our crews construct your building as they would one of their own. We work fast too! Pole barns do not require a concrete slab but we offer slabs and wood flooring systems with all garages. Our crews typically complete your garage project in 4-10 days total.

    We make sure you are happy with our workmanship too. Our Installation services for doors, windows, cupola and other options must meet your satisfaction. Your garage will be constructed utilizing leading edge engineering principles.

    Pole barn garages are ideal for structures requiring tall ceilings or a second floor. Our buildings are economical and flexible structures that can meet any shop or garage need.

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Testimonials & Reviews
  • Omer and his crew were fantastic! My RV building is half full already. Dave in Shepardsville Kentucky
  • The material we received exceeded our expectations! Jeff in Gloucester New Jersey
  • I am glad I bought from APB. Can you come to our after party? Dawn in Boulder Colorado
  • I saved so much cash compared to my local suppliers. Great job! Mike in Hubbard Iowa
  • Two buildings in three years for my auction house. Built on schedule too. Thanks! Phil in Repaupo New Jersey
  • Everyone in our church is happy with our rec center. Kids love it most! Ben in Jonesboro Arkansas
  • Many thanks to Jonathan. He helped us out more than I would have expected. Wayne in King George, Virginia
  • Our riding arena turned out wonderful. We enjoyed the build too on time and no problems. Stan from Rehoboth Massachusetts
  • I love the barn it looks great it's built well. Thanks for all the help. Mark from Jamesville New York
  • Fantastic job. You got it built a day early and we had no problems except the weather. Best material quality I could have hoped for!George from St. Louis, Missouri
  • No complaints from us. We were really happy with the quality of work and the colors we chose are really attractive with the sandstone overhead doors.Rene from Lansing Michigan
  • We are happy we went with APB. Increasing our door sizes was a good idea and now the mini storage rent we don't pay anymore will come in handy for other things. Wish we could have built a bigger building though because its already mostly full!William from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
  • I am thrilled with how my building turned out. I had a hard time finding someone that could do a custom kit for me and picked the right company. My saltbox style pole barn is fantastic looking and worked out perfectly on my lot.Robert from Charlton Massachussets
  • APB did a great job for me on my Gambrel style pole building. The weather delayed pouring the slab but everything else was just fantastic. The crew were a great bunch and I enjoyed buying them lunch on the last day of the build.Benny in Veedersburg Indiana
  • My contractor was very satisfied with the materials and delivery and I am really happy with the end result. My pole barn is really nice looking, just love the burgundy and white colors.Buddy from Dunn North Carolina
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